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Flamenco Educational Spotlight

Flamenco consists of three artistic elements: the cante (singing), the guitarra (guitar) and the baile (dance). The dancer physically interprets the emotion of the singer and guitar is through his or her movements, which include percussive footwork and intricate hand, arm, and body movements. The relationship between the artists is similar to that of jazz where there is a basic structure that one must follow, but at its heart, it is an improvised form.


About Solange Gomes

SolangeDirected by Solange Gomes, Tablado Dance Company is a performance ensemble dedicated to sharing the dance, music and culture of Spain and is known for maintaining the ethnic richness of Flamenco captivating audiences through its live performances and evoking in them the vivid and expansive sea of passion and emotion of this art-form.  Directing and choreographing for Pasion Flamenca since 1998 and Tablado Dance Company since 2001 (co-founded with James Moreno) where now she is the artistic director, choreographer and principle dancer, Solange Gomes inspires audiences with artistic excellence.

Born in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Solange Gomes received her fine arts training to become a dancer, musician and instructor. She attended the Royal Ballet Academy as a child and then went on to study several other dance techniques such as modern, contemporary, jazz, ballroom, and Brazilian folkloric traditions. In addition to her dancing, Solange is a musician having received a degree in Music (piano) and also in Physical Education. Her extensive experience as a teacher comes from the fact that she owned and directed the Espaco Vivo Music School (1983-1991) and Piano Studio Arts Center (1991-1997).

In Brasilia, Solange performed for the Projeto Plateia (supported by the Ministry of Culture), studied theatre and participated in a professional production of Arena Canta Zumbi. Solange started her studies in Flamenco with Sonia Castrioto – RJ /Brazil in 1986, then continued with Christiane Boulhosa y Alban and Ila Vita in Salvador,BA/Brazil where from 1994 until 1997 she danced for the Alma Flamenca Dance Group working with them as a dancer and also an assistant choreographer. During the same time she created the Grupo Fala – a performing group where the artists sing, dance and act.

Solange looking at cameraAfter moving to Utah/USA in 1997, Solange has been dedicated to her dancing, teaching, and choreography skills not only by bringing flamenco artists to town for  dance and guitar workshops but also participating in flamenco festivals and workshops throughout the country. She has trained her flamenco dancing with many of the great Spanish masters including Eva Encinias, La Meira, Omayra Amaya, Alejandro Granados, Olga Pericet, Pedro Blazquez, Adriana Maresma, Adair Landborn, Rafael del Pino Moreno (El Keko), and many others, especially in flamenco festivals and workshops taken throughout these years dedicated to the study of the flamenco art. She has started cante flamenco with Vicente Griego and currently is being trained by Curro Cueto.

As a singer, in 2012, Solange had the opportunity to join Os Corvos – a Brazilian music ensemble – as a vocalist, and that musical gig connected her to Samba Fogo Music and Dance a year later, where she currently serves as a lead vocalist. Recently, Solange was invited to collaborate with guitarist Eric McKenna Spreng on his most recent album ‘Dry Spell’ with some vocal parts.

Solange was an adjunct teacher at Weber State University – Performing Arts Department from 2004 to 2011; and has been working as guest teacher in many institutions such as SLCC (Salt Lake Community College), Westminster College, UVU (Utah State University), several ballet schools in Utah, Idaho and California; and as an Associate instructor at the University of Utah School of Dance.  Since 2019 Solange is a member of the International Dance Council CID at UNESCO, Paris. (Nominated by Ms. Kate Tsubata).

Currently she works as a flamenco instructor at the Repertory Dance Theater Dance Center on Broadway and Central Utah Ballet; Ballet West Academy; Utah’s K-12 Advanced Language Bridge Program (dual-language), and also at her own Studio.

A powerful and passionate performer, Solange is dedicated to sharing her enthusiastic devotion to flamenco with audiences, community and students with a commitment to preserve promote and teach traditional flamenco and also to develop new and original ideas in her own innovative style that is strongly influenced by her Brazilian heritage.


What People are Saying

The diversity of the dancers really spoke to my students! It was great to see boys and girls dancing, and different races. The high level of engagement was so refreshing and got students excited about thecontent.
This activity was valuable because it helped students make connections between dance, rhythm, healthy lifestyles, and expression. The students were impressed by the talent of the dancers and it was motivating to them.
Opportunities for art and expression are so limited at school but so essential and valuable for all students, especially those who struggle to learn through traditional methods. My Kindergarteners have been dancing since you left!
This was so engaging. I looked around the auditorium and every student was watching. Not one person was talking or distracted
This activity is valuable to teachers and students because it gives them a creative outlet. We need movement in the classroom to engage, energize and deepen student learning.
I got great ideas on how to incorporate movement into math and science lessons.
I loved how you made movement and exercise relatable to the students. The dancers were full of energy and there was very little down time so students stayed engaged.
Our children were captivated by the performance. They listened to you and they were learning without knowing. They usually giggle when bodies are shown and talked about. But the way you presented it was so tastefully done, they now do poses and movement around the room and outside. You brokesome barriers and they took that permission and literally ran with it!