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School Programs

About RDT’s Arts-In-Education Programs

As a form of communication shared by cultures across the ages and globe, dance remains a powerful medium to illuminate mutual and singular histories, aspirations, and experiences, and to explore the world around us. RDT’s nationally recognized and lauded AIE programs offers students and teachers across Utah much more than exercise or entertainment. RDT’s education programs increase critical thinking and nonverbal reasoning skills, develop the ability to communicate as part of a group, encourage groups to work collaboratively, improve individual kinesthetic and spatial learning, as well as intra- and interpersonal knowledge of self and others. 

Repertory Dance Theatre’s celebrated state-wide Arts-In-Education (AIE) programs are built upon a multi-component approach to dance education, offering a hybrid model that includes in-person events and digital/online programs which each school can tailor to its needs.

Our portfolio of hybrid programs for schools includes: 

  • School-wide, narrated, informal performances that explore the elements of dance, promote physical fitness, and discuss history and culture.
  • Creative Movement Classes for K-6 grades designed for one classroom at a time and grade level specific, students explore the elements of dance, curriculums standards, 21st Century College and Career Ready Skills and learning in the arts as well as in Science, Language Arts and Math.
  • Teacher workshops offered on and off site that train teachers in innovative and unique ways to incorporate movement into their classroom. Registration is open for PASSPORT TO HISTORY, RDT's 2023 summer workshop for teachers.
  • FREE school matinees associated with our season performances and specially designed school matinees (Sounds Familiar or VOYAGE) offered at the Rose, the Mid-Valley Performing Arts Center in Taylorsville, and in communities around the state of Utah.
  • Jr. & Sr. High School choreographic residencies that teach the elements of choreography, artistic process, teamwork, and performance skills. This includes the 9th year of RDT’s Heritage Project: a program offered to Jr. High Schools across the valley that explores each student’s personal heritage. The program will culminate with an in-person performance and a digitally produced dance performance that can be shared by students and teachers.
  • RDT’s Master Class of the Week series – created during COVID – and now transitioned to a regular season program, offering high school teachers and students an hour-long master class that can be used in school or for at home learning. At least 35 classes will be produced for the coming year.
  • RDT’s Dance-In-A-Box program offering digital devices to K-12th grade dance students around the valley pre-loaded with a week’s worth of dance education content including lectures, movement classes, performances, and reflections. This program addresses equity and accessibility, does not require internet or WiFi infrastructure and can be used in classrooms or at home.

If you would like to find out more about our School Programs, please contact us.

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What People are Saying

The diversity of the dancers really spoke to my students! It was great to see boys and girls dancing, and different races. The high level of engagement was so refreshing and got students excited about thecontent.
This activity was valuable because it helped students make connections between dance, rhythm, healthy lifestyles, and expression. The students were impressed by the talent of the dancers and it was motivating to them.
Opportunities for art and expression are so limited at school but so essential and valuable for all students, especially those who struggle to learn through traditional methods. My Kindergarteners have been dancing since you left!
This was so engaging. I looked around the auditorium and every student was watching. Not one person was talking or distracted
This activity is valuable to teachers and students because it gives them a creative outlet. We need movement in the classroom to engage, energize and deepen student learning.
I got great ideas on how to incorporate movement into math and science lessons.
I loved how you made movement and exercise relatable to the students. The dancers were full of energy and there was very little down time so students stayed engaged.
Our children were captivated by the performance. They listened to you and they were learning without knowing. They usually giggle when bodies are shown and talked about. But the way you presented it was so tastefully done, they now do poses and movement around the room and outside. You brokesome barriers and they took that permission and literally ran with it!